Old Vintage Record Player vs. A New Turntable

Buying a record player seems to be in fashion right now. This is noticeable because everyone, young or old, has been on the look out for this machine. But while some people buy an old vintage record player, others opt for a proper turntable. Usually, it is the younger audiences that go for a modern looking turntable when compared to older people that want a antique look that will help them remember the good old days. The real question is which one should you go for? There is no right or wrong answer because ultimately, the decision lies with you. Choosing the right machine depends on your personal preferences. Some people love that old antique look provided by a product like this while others prefer to take a more modern approach.

The overall appearance cannot be more different when you compare both machines. The best vintage record player usually features a wooden design that fits in well with a traditional room décor. In comparison, you see DJs and professional musicians using the modern turntables that have a chrome finish. If you have a traditional décor or room design then buying a turntable would provide the finishing touches to making that room stand out. You can be confident that the old record player will stand out from amongst any other decoration piece. This will be even more prevalent if you buy a machine that features a big horn in the design. A perfect example of this is the Pyle PTCDCS32BT, which some consider to be one of the best vintage record players at the moment. This is a product that is specifically bought by people for decoration purposes because it really becomes the standout feature of the room. For this kind of purpose, the expensive price tag becomes worthwhile.

You can change the appearance of your house with a vintage record player.

If you are fairly old school, then while utilizing the antique design, you can also take advantage of the music running in the background. This good thing about this particular product is that it can play music through vinyl records alongside a host of other music sources. These include Bluetooth and CD. This means that some of the modern playback features have also been added to the traditional vintage design. As a result of this, the Pyle PTCDCS32BT is one of the most important vintage record players you can buy right now.

If you are someone that is not after a vintage or old school design then it might be worth going for a proper turntable. This will definitely provide good performance and some turntables may even have some incredibly impressive features. However, when it comes to the aspect of aesthetics, this particular type of turntable will not catch any real attention from those that frequently visit your home. But again, it is important to note that you are not buying this machine for this purpose. You are buying it to enjoy your music and to listen to great detail that a music enthusiast usually craves. If this is your aim then you should definitely go for a new and modern turntable. It is even possible that you might not have to spend too much to buy this when compared to the vintage record player. These antique machines usually warrant a lot of money due to their design and aesthetic features.

Xbox One Gaming Headset Promises “Audiophile-Grade” Sound

Believe it or not, sound is a huge part of the gaming industry and something that has been greatly focused on in recent years. Day by day, companies within this industry are doing all they can to enhance our gaming experience. What better way to do this than focus on bringing out new and much improved gaming headsets?

The only issue is that audiophile headsets warrant a very high price and considering the fact that students make up a large percentage of gamers, spending such a huge amount of money can be quite hard. Polk Audio, who are well known to bringing out quality headsets for the Xbox seem to have exploited this situation by bringing out the Striker ZX. Costing less than a 100 bucks, this headset is thought to deliver excellent audiophile grade sound quality. This definitely seems too good to be true so it’s something that I might have to try out!

It certainly seems like the reviews the product has received so far have been great and it looks quite good too! Some existing reviewers have even compared this headset to the Astro A40, which is more of a luxury product and its price tag is evidence of that!

Whatever happens, what I know is that this company has never let me down in the past and their headsets always perform brilliantly. So, I have to go and try it out and at such a low price, what have we got to lose?

Beats Bass Defended by the Company’s President

I’m sure you’ve heard of Beats by Dre headphones before. How could you not have? After all, they’re like the most popular headphones out right now. But they’re probably the most popular headphones for all the wrong reasons these past few months. This is because they’ve been widely criticized for their high cost, average sound quality and marketing strategy that makes us want to buy them for the looks rather than for what they’re supposed to do.

Many people consider Beats headphones to have overpowered Bass.

More recently, they’ve been criticized for their bass heavy headphones. To be fair this would be suitable for some people who love bass. But the thing is that the sound quality of these headphones isn’t great. This is especially crazy if you realize the fact that they cost more than a lot of premium headphones that sound amazing.

In response to this criticism, Luke Wood who is the president of the company has defended their products. But in this statement he completely discarded these “opinions”. There’s not much we can do about this if the main man comes out and says their headphones are perfect.

I’ve always stayed away from Beats and will continue to buy products that actually give me a good value rather than headphones that don’t even sound good.

Why is YouTube Sound Quality Bad?

Listening to music and watching videos on YouTube has become a common thing for me. In fact, I’m sure most of you are doing the same thing. In fairness, whenever we spend time on social media, we’re bound to come across a video that looks interesting.

But quite often, the problem of poor sound quality in the music and videos being streamed on YouTube is below par. This is probably the most frustrating part because once you click on the play button, you become a bit restless to finish that video.

The problem is that there can be so many reasons for this low quality and this includes the quality of your Internet connection. However, in most cases, a poor connection will prevent the video from loading. If you want to try and fix the sound problem then you need to try a few things!

The first of these is to check the video quality selected in the settings. Once you increase it to the highest quality (e.g. 720p HD) then you’ll realise the potential of the sound quality you had been missing out on. This might work great but be aware that the ability to fully load this high quality video depends on strength of your Internet connection!

There’s also a way to tell YouTube to always play the highest quality available for a video. This can be done through the playback section of your account settings. You’ll need to tick the option that asks you if you want YouTube to play the highest quality possible when you put the video on full screen!

Other possible ways to fix the sound would be to ensure that your speakers are in a working condition and that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash player installed!

Zipbuds: What makes these Earbuds so Special?

When it comes to normal headphones, you’ll find that they look great when they’re first unboxed. However, after a couple of weeks of use, the wires get tangled and this not only ruins the appearance but it can also be frustrating for the user. No matter how hard you try to untangle these wires, they become tangled again. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do about this.

I really enjoyed using the Zipbud earbuds.

In the past few years, many headphone makers have focused on the preventing this. For example, the main action they’ve taken is the strengthening of the cord, which will be robust enough to prevent tangling. While this has worked to a certain point, this problem has still not been completely eradicated.

Zipbuds are a new pair of earbuds that have taken a different approach. As the name indicates, the wires can literally be zipped up whether the earbuds are in use and more appropriately, when they’re not in use. I’ve found that this has worked really well so far.

Generally, when a product focuses on solving one particular problem, they perform poorly in other areas. In this case, we would be looking at the sound and comfort levels. However, surprisingly, Zipbuds are very inexpensive but have decent sound (not amazing though) and a decent fit. One of the better features it has is noise cancellation, which would be ideal for children.

In my opinion, the combination of the lack of tangling and the noise cancellation makes Zipbuds ideal for kids!